We had a visit from St John Ambulance Professional Trainers who provide free sessions for primary school students on the importance of First Aid and what to do in an event of an emergency.  The knowledge and skills gained from the First Aid in Schools Program develops First Aid awareness in school children and contributes to building a more resilient community.  Students were taught the following 1st Aid skills

  • How to recognise an emergency situation and how to call for assistance
  • DRS of the DRSABCD Action Plan
  • Recovery Position and CPR
  • How to treat Cuts and Grazes
  • Bandaging a cut
  • How to prevent or slow the spread of venom from the site of a bite or sting
  • Treatment based on the suspected creature
  • Awareness around Asthma and Asthma attacks.
  • How to use an inhaler and/or spacer
  • Importance around allergies, recognising signs and symptoms
  •  Administering an Epipen.
  • How to correctly treat and care for burn injuries with First Aid skills and knowledge
  • Treating a Burn


Thank you St John Ambulance for providing this wonderful live saving skill development session for our students.