There are many reasons to choose to enrol your child at Longwood Primary School. The most obvious one – that we are a small school, so students get quality one-on-one time with teaching staff. The other reasons come through feedback from our Parent Opinion Survey which highlight the following as features of our school:

• As our motto “Our School Our Community” indicates, we are a community-based school, which draws upon the expertise in our community to enhance student learning, we also aim to give back to the community through involvement where ever possible.
• We provide a welcoming, friendly environment for all members of our school community, with happy students, happy teachers working in a collaborative, open learning environment.
• We provide quality educational programs aimed at child development across all levels.
• Being a small school we have strong cross-age connections throughout the school and provide social opportunities for our students to play and work with children of all ages.
• Our focus is on inclusion, care for others and the celebration of progress and achievement.
• We pride ourselves in providing a personalised education for each child, knowing each child as a learner in the broadest sense.