Longwood Primary School

School Camps

Junior Sleepover

To introduce our junior students (Foundation to Grade 2) to the camp experience, we hold a sleepover at school towards the end of each year.

Senior Camp

A camp is held each year for our senior students (Grades 3–6), giving them the opportunity to explore new environments and develop their self-confidence, independence and organisational skills. Our students are heavily involved in the planning of these trips. Camps usually run for between three to five days.

Somers Camp

Grade 5 and 6 students also have the opportunity to attend a nine-day camp at Somers. The camp program blends a range of outdoor and environmental education activities in a safe and secure environment. Somers hosts 160 children and visiting teachers, and schools get an allocation every second year; the next camp we attend will be in 2023.

Japan Trip

Grade 6 students have an amazing opportunity to take part in a fully immersive nine-day educational/cultural trip to Japan. Organised by our Japanese teacher Mizu Sensei, the trip allows our students to put their Japanese learning into practice and includes a couple of nights of home billeting with a Japanese family.