Longwood Primary School

Specialist Programs


Weekly lessons are provided by Japanese teacher Ayako Mizushima (Mizu Sensei). Students learn aspects of speaking, listening, reading and writing through fun activities including songs and origami paper folding. Cultural study is also important, with students learning about celebrations, food and lifestyle. Exchange students from Japan visit our school some years; other years our Grade 6 students join the Japan Trip.

MACC – Art Van

A specialist Art teacher visits every fortnight as part of the MACC (Mobile Art Craft Centre) program, which provides quality art education to children in small rural schools. They provide art sessions which extend and challenge children, increasing their confidence and creativity. Students are given the opportunity to work with an exciting array of materials and techniques.

MARC – Library Van

The MARC (Mobile Area Resource Centre) van visits the school every fortnight. The program is run by a specialist teacher and provides students with lessons on research skills and using a library. Students are provided with a library bag to borrow books from the MARC van.

Physical Education

The PE program is designed to offer our students as many different sporting opportunities as possible in a fun environment. It focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and building a positive sporting spirit.

Other Programs

At Longwood Primary School we aim to expose our students to as many different programs as possible. This can happen in various ways, but we always endeavour to give our children an opportunity to try new things.

Students are taught dance in different ways throughout the year: as part of the PE program, during Friday rotations or with the specialist dance teacher brought in for the annual school concert performance.

Students participate in drama activities during Friday rotation sessions as well as taking part in mini games during class-time breaks. All students are involved in the annual school production, learning about stage management, prop construction, rehearsal and performance.

The school provides a rotational music session where students are exposed to ukulele, recorder, percussion, garage band and singing, including songs for the end-of-year school concert extravaganza. A visiting piano teacher offers weekly half-hour lessons (for a fee) for students wishing to learn piano.

Regular cooking classes in our kitchen help equip our students with real-life skills, encourage independence and cater for the budding chefs in our cohort. Students have access to the kitchen at all times throughout the day for breakfast and lunch.

Students take a hands-on role in the construction of garden beds, the growing of fresh produce for the school cooking program and the propagation of plants to sell at the local farmers market. They are taught about sustainability as we recycle food scraps through our chooks and worm farm.

The school provides access to laptops and iPads and teaches our students to be tech savvy. They learn about cyber safety, working with computer applications and multimedia, internet research skills, coding and robotics.

Students have access to a woodwork shed where they can build whatever their minds can conceive. They use construction skills while making cubbies on our spacious grounds and they contribute to the building of animal enclosures, garden beds and greenhouses. Next on the agenda: a ninja warrior course!